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Colorado Springs Dodge buys private party

In the midst of the pandemic Colorado Springs Dodge has found the solution to their inventory woes. By purchasing cars on the private party, they are now able to fill their lot right.

Increase your profit margin in recon and sales with private party vehicles!

Hardest part of buying off the street is finding and filtering the right ones. Say “NO!” to always increasing auction fees with direct access to privately owned vehicles whose owners are actively looking to sell.

Dealer Insight provides an effortless way to find privately owned vehicles. Additionally, most “buyers” at the dealership are NOT “customer facing” employees, so Dealer Insight has designed a way for the “numbers guy/gal” to work with the BDC/Sales Reps at the store. Increasing volume while maintaining the customer service the dealership is known for.

What makes us different

Fill the dealership with vehicles that you own right


We provide private seller data from over 10 sites. Basically, if its for sale in your market, you’ll know!


We filter out the vehicles you aren’t buying. We do our best to provide crispy clean data (less old cars, less branded titles, less dealer owned inventory, see how long the listing has been posted)


Street purchasing is the gateway to stocking fast turning, high return vehicles. Without the high auction fees and the uncertainty of trade-ins. 


We care about the relationship more than the money. Kinda the way it has always been in this business!